Naidra 2014-06-16 11.53.34I am an artist and a writer.  Owner of Invictus Custom Woodwork, LLC & contributor to the tuesdaysaturday blog, I  combine my interests of art, music, and justice with forward movement toward good.

Right now, I’m laying the foundation (and recruiting volunteers) for building healthy community in Detroit through build(h)er ™ – a collaborative public art project that will ultimately change how people view artists and our contributions to our environments. This project is a huge undertaking – something that I’m hoping to be able to study in a more concentrated and intense setting. Currently, I’m working toward a residential builder’s license to assist my company when the time comes to get down to building. In the meantime, I’m looking to gain some hands-on weekend experience. Do you know any builders in Detroit who would be willing to teach me a few things? Drop their info or a way to connect in the comments section!

Professionally, I contract with organizations for business administration and creating infrastructure, graphic design, fund development, grant writing, and website management. My academic background include undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Michigan University in Business – Marketing and Public Administration – Nonprofit Leadership, respectively. 

Click here for some samples of my work, including a graphic representation of my skills.


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