Tiny House project

a visual [black] opera in 5 movements

The visual opera draws on the vision, memory, and skills of New Orleans-based Black feminist artists and organizers—many of whom survived Hurricane Katrina. Through on-going convening, documentation, evaluation, art-making, and collective study, we focus and drive the opera’s content, movements, mapping and impact(s). We are also developing ways to support those who remain displaced and are experiencing trauma ten years later. We aim to fuse public art and community engagement to confront power, provoke dialogue, and develop a cultural organizing praxis.

As its long-term goal, the project aims to serve as a mechanism to examine the creative and philosophical possibilities of Black geographies. Our point of departure is rooted in spatial equity—specifically as related to Black women’s lives.

Gallery of the Streets is an “an interdisciplinary art and organizing methodology” developed by kai lumumba barrow. Read the project concept and design (it’s brilliant).

My part of this project

I will be building a tiny house or houses (depending on time) as shelter for some of the black women in New Orleans who have been displaced. I will be using repurposed pallet wood in addition to other found items. The point of this home is to be easily replicable. It’s imperative that the women whom these homes serve as well as the beautiful, genius minds behind the Gallery of the Streets could build more houses as the project grows.

This is what I’m living for! I have this amazing opportunity to travel, help women who have been displaced recreate home. I get to empower and collaborate with black feminists to use our hands, minds, and bodies to provide space & place as we continue the movement and discussion around anti-Black violence.

To get there and to support Gallery of the Streets, I need some help with my travel, housing, and some material costs. I’ll be there for 13 days, trying to raise/earn $2,500. Please help out if you can with travel costs ($335) by donating to the previous link, shooting a travel discount this way, buying a Detroit Proper shirt, or hiring me for a house/professional project! Let’s work together!

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